modern investment banking cONEXT

The Contractor himself is the central character in this ten-part original series which is at heart a satire on banking, the green investment market and big business in New York City.  The series looks at this world through The Contractor’s inexperienced, but wide-open eyes: the story is driven by the chaos of the banking world with all its deceptions and greed, and all the colourful characters circling within it.

It is irreverent and politically incorrect for good purpose – to expose the green investment and banking world, and its characters, to a level of detail only insiders normally see… biting satire at its best.



When the series opens we know nothing about the protagonist. We see what heis seeing. We think we like him, but we don’t know him. Little by little clues are laid; and gradually we realise this potential anti-hero is in fact the hero. And paradoxically, we want the hateful world in which he inhabits to succeed so that he succeeds also. This complex (and often hilarious) web of story and characters messes with our own moral compass, as it does with The Contractor’s: does he ever really subscribe to what he is required to do?

should we be laughing at this?

His journey throws him into the murky world of corporate espionage, green bonds,
love and friendship. But it also celebrates the diversity of characters working and living in New York City, one of the most cosmopolitan and ethnically diverse cities in the world. The juxtaposed characters and their similarly diverse morals keep the viewer’s head spinning all the way through until the unsuspected climax.

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