Financial markets are huge business, and only those in the game truly know how they operate. This series aims to investigate, explain, expose and ridicule modern investment banking. Following the crash of 2007/8, Wall Street embarked on an exercise to become more open, transparent, equal and green. Or did it…? The corporate brochures certainly present it so, but under the surface it’s clear the same people are still making fortunes…

As investors and the public rush to support green investment initiatives, how much do they actually know about what makes up these instruments? Can we really trust the same people who brought us the AAA-rated CDOs (full of empty homes owned by strippers) to offer genuine investors bona fide green projects in which to invest? Are the gamekeepers (regulators) up to the task of truly understanding and protecting us and the financial system from the pitfalls of these products, or are they as much in the dark as the rest of us?

Anyway, what the hell is a ‘Green Bond’?


The series is the brainchild of James Dowdall, a 15-year veteran of the City of London. During his time he has witnessed political correctness gone mad, and massive doses of corporate bullshit. He also has a unique understanding of the Green lending and investment market place, allowing a level of detail in the series that only an insider could bring.

The series has been two years in the making with James working alongside screenwriter and author Toby Fountaine and further supported by another ex-banker, now film financier and Executive Producer, Will Chappel. To date, the script has attracted a high degree of interest on both sides of the Atlantic. The creative team are now actively looking for the right production team to bring the series to life and make it the phenomenal success it promises to be.